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” I have always had an appreciation and reverence for the past. Romantic era music and art has moved me since before I knew how to articulate the feeling and it continues to still. I give great credence to the great art movements that came before and it is sometimes difficult to reconcile old wisdom with post-modern understanding of time after the age of the Internet. The Internet has in many ways democratized information…

Turner and Basquiat can be looked upon at the end of the same sentence on a Google search and yet each are masters in their own right separated by more than a century. Lately, when I think of the future, it helps me to dig my heels in and look backwards and earnestly learn what I can from those who have tread where I wish to.


The dichotomy of chaos and order is a fundamental component of my practice. Personal narrative is paired with universal truth, or rather the search for the latter. Opposing forces are always at play: randomness and order, beauty and the grotesque, victim and aggressor…READ MORE

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At first glance this painting reminded me of a cross between Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Downey Jr.! Whoa! Nice painting! READ MORE